HSE (Health, Safety & Environment)

Petrogas Company is committed to provide a healthy and safe workplace for all people at each work location and to protect the environment in accordance with applicable laws and other requirements and our HSE policy. Our commitment is based on the conviction that accidents are preventable. In order to achieve this objective, we will identify HSE risks arising from our activities and reduce them to as low as is reasonable practical. Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) responsibilities are integrated in the way in which Petrogas Company conducts its business. Successfully managing HSE issues is an essential component of our business strategy. Through observance and encouragement of this policy, we assist in protecting the environment and the overall well-being of all our stakeholders, specifically, our employees, clients, sub-contractors and communities.


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

All of our employees are required to abide by our ethical policy. The protection of our reputation is of fundamental importance, and this policy helps to uphold the reputation of our company and staff, and maintains public confidence in Petrogas Company

Our people are encouraged to report promptly any potentially illegal, improper and/or unethical conduct that they become aware of at their workplace or in connection with their work. We believe we have an environment that enables our people to raise genuine and legitimate concerns internally.



Safety and Security Services

Our operations in every location are protected by our own highly skilled Security Force to ensure the safety of all our offices and camps, cargo and staff. Chosen for their robustness, loyalty and unblemished record of service, the Petrogas Security Force is managed by Hezdar Security Company





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