Importing and exporting all kinds of fuel products such as petroleum naphtha, gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas. Oil depot is the other service 

Type of Services


Petrogas operates a fully integrated logistics service which covers sea and ground freight. With the combined strength of our own unique warehousing, trucking, customs clearance capabilities and specialized transport, we are a one-stop centre with door-to-door services to and from anywhere in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Iraq Iran and Turkmenistan comprehensive supply chain management services for your inbound and outbound cargo. From the country of departure, we transport your goods by sea freight directly to its final destination. Upon arrival at your destination, we will clear the customs, provide storage through our own warehousing facilities and finally, land-transport them to your sites.



Our logistics and supply chain management services:

·       Customs clearance, documentation, duties payment and coordination

·       Secure warehouse storage, fulfillment, lay down, cross docking and inter modal switching

·       Stock management, order preparation and distribution

·       Delivery and collection using various types of vehicle and equipment, with consolidated or full loads

·       Trucking distribution with over 400 trucking assets

·       Heavy lift cargo services

·       Asset tracking



Fuel Transportation

Energy is always on the move at Solar Transport. Our driver associates are among the most skilled, experienced and well trained in the industry. They take pride in transporting and delivering refined petroleum products like gasoline, diesel, and ethanol and jet fuel to our customers in a safe, timely and professional manner. At Petrogas, our services are as varied as our clients’ needs. Our asset-based transportation intra-Kurdistan Region and Iraq our Partners in Iran, Turkmenistan and UAE allows us to work throughout the Iran, Turkmenistan and UAE without restrictions, creating ultimate flexibility when coordinating domestic or cross-border movements.

Petrogas provides the full supply chain of inland transportation and logistics services to the Kurdistan Region, with the combined capabilities of its partners and affiliates. Services offered include trucking and vehicles.


Lab Fuel Testing

Petrogas owns and operates industry-leading fuel analysis, testing and research laboratories across our operations to provide quality assurance for our fuel. Our company specializes in providing high quality fuel analysis and testing services to commercial and industrial businesses. Our mission is to provide world-renowned fuel testing with an unwavering determination to give our clients consistently accurate results with integrity.


Oil Storage

As global oil & gas trading patterns shift, the need for additional storage facilities continues growing. Oil & gas storage terminals for both imports and exports are springing up throughout the world as Kurdistan Region of Iraq especially experiences a dramatic increase in production or reverse. That's why we have based many oil depots with large sizes.


Other Services

· Cross Border Full Truck Load.

· Point-to-Point Service within the Kurdistan Region and Iraq

· Project Shipments 

· Warehouse services 

· Customs clearance 

· providing benzene to fuel stations

· providing fuel for  Malls and Hotels

· Providing fuel for power plants



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